Our porn site rating criteria

1. Rating of the quality of the content

There exists a limit of web site rating. The highest rating represents 20 points and consists of 10 points, which go for videos and another 10 points, which represent the ratings of photos*. Besides that there are specific major criterions, which are taken into consideration during the rating calculation procedure. They are: size of the frame, bit rate of the movie as well as movie resolution, clarity or picture sharpness. The scale scheme presented below is used as a reference in the web site’s contents evaluation procedure:

10 pts. equal to 6000Kbps for videos or images with resolution of 3000x2000Px and bigger
8 pts. equal to 3000-5999Kbps for videos or images with resolution of 1600x1200Px
6 pts. represent the 1400-2999Kpbs videos or images with the resolution of 1280x960Px or 1024x768Px
4 pts. represent 700-1399 Kbps videos or images with the resolution of 912x684Px or 640x480Px
2 pts. equal to 699Kbps or videos with a lower quality and images with the resolution of 400x300 Px and less

2. Rating of the amount of the content

The same rule applies to this case. Hereby highest limit is 20 points for the websites that provide a satisfactory amount of pictures as well as videos. Each respective type of the website content can be given the maximum of 10 points **. Another detail that is worthy to pay attention is that exceptionally full scenes can be placed here. Hereby if a given scene is being split into several episodes, then each episode WILL NOT be considered and treated as if it is a separate scene. Below there is a scheme for rating calculation:

10 pts. represent 400 full scenes or even more
8 pts. represent 200-399 full scenes
6 pts. equal to 50-199 full scenes
4 pts. equal to 20-49 full scenes
2 pts. equal to the amount less than 20 full scenes.

3. Updates rating

This section demands a more detailed attention as it is more complicated. The maximum rating that is available in this case is 10. In addition there presents a set of standard rating points which are coupled with bonuses as well as penalties, which can be awarded/charged in case of presence/ absence of certain demanded features. The scheme provided below will ease the process of understanding:

7 pts. represent daily updates ONLY
6 pts. are given to the website with a weekly updates or even more often
4 pts. are given to the website with updates that occur several times a month
3 pts. represent monthly updates
1 pt. will be given in case if the website hasn’t been updated within the last year
+3 pts. extra will be given in case if updates are dated
+3 pts. extra will be given in case if there is a list of upcoming updates
+2 pt. extra will be given in case if updates have contents (list of constituents)
-5 pts. will be deducted in case of cheating

4. Website design and navigation

This section concerns the appearance of the website, its quality and how easy is it in use. Websites with non-serious design, irritating design or design that hasn’t been accomplished professionally will face huge loses of points in this section. The rating scheme is as follows:

1-4 pts. are given to the Design section, which corresponds to the category requirements and is also finished according to contemporary
tendencies with clearly expressed professionalism.
1-3 pts. are given to the Navigation section, where ease of use and simplicity in understanding are playing the main role.
1-3 pts. are given to the Functionality section, where all the categories should be well sorted, all the desired content should be easily found.

5. Rating of the originality

Here the respective points’ range also reaches maximum 10 points. However these points will be given by a reviewer of the website and hereby the totally depend on his subjective opinion about the given porn site. So if he likes the website, then it gets high scores and vice versa.

6. Extras

In this section the rating range varies from 2 till 10 points and consists of the points that are for the quantity and the quality of respective bonuses or discounts, which can be granted to the owners of the website under the review section. Both quantity and quality sections hold 5 points each and together comprise the total amount of 10 points maximum. Depending upon the performance according to the aforesaid rules respective amount of bonus points can be given in case if a website corresponds to all the stated requirements and has a perspective potential. Hereby in order to receive high marks for Extras section, owners of the website and all its team should do a really good, interesting and original project.

These are all the rules and regulations under which the websites are being rated. So if there are any questions arisen, confusions or suggestions regarding the content of this brochure, then you can directly contact our feedback service. Our professionals will do their best in order to answer and help you as soon as possible.

*If the site that is being reviewed offers 1 type of content only - either photo or video, then the respective indices of this section get doubled. Let’s take an example of a website that has only videos in HD quality (hereby 10 points) but no pictures at all. In this case it will still be rated with 20 points.

** If the reviewed website contains 1 type of content only – either photo or video, then in this case the respective indices of this rating section are doubled. Let’s check an example, where a website has 401 videos (which correspond to 10 points) but absolutely no pictures. In this case this website will still be rated with 20 points.