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Beach Hunters

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Review 2012-05-10

You definitely won’t have any regrets after buying a membership on that website. Speaking for myself, I can call Beach Hunters one of the greatest sites dedicated to nudism. Having seen the main page, there was one and the only thought in my head: “Wow! And all that stuff is for me?” Really, this offer is ass-kicking. Just think about hundreds and thousands of people all over the world having rest on a beach, minding their own business and doing only what they want. But at the same moment famous beach hunters are shooting their every single movement, giving us shots showing the most interesting and intimate places of human body. That really excites, doesn’t it?

Moreover, not only the content is 100%-exclusive, the quality of presentation is also equal to the idea. Surprisingly stylish and pleasant interface meets you in the Members area, as well as on the main page. It’s kinda attractive that there is a short introduction to the archives addressed personally to you. It gives a short preview of what you can find at the site. These guys are really provident :) This community seems to be eager to meet the new members and is ready to do its best to meet your wishes, even the very exquisite ones.

So, if you wanna hear about the content itself, I can say that you won’t be disappointed. 6,510 full-size video clips and 190,097 pics in total – isn’t it enough for such experts like you? And the figures are perfectly precise, they were not going to fool you. Both video and photo archives are split up into 4 categories – sex on the beach, nudism, topless and change room. But this is not the whole story. A rather handy search option gives you the opportunity to set up your own parameters. You can choose age, constitution and sex of the people acting on the video. Personally I think that’s one of the main reasons to join this bloody awesome community. I actually felt like a director shooting my own movie. Each vid is accompanied by a short text preview and a bunch of photos made by the same author and related to this very clip, so there’s no need to search for pics of the same trend – everything is already given to you. What is more, you’ll be freakingly surprised that you can download the gallery that appeals to your taste in a zip-archive. Damn comfortable, I must say.

The quality of this seducing content will also leave only the most pleasant impression. Pics resolution of 1600x1200Px and video bitrate of about 2000Kbps (the max showing for the freshest vids is 3000Kbps) – I guess, it’s a really good reason to call this site first-rate. What appeals most, everything is written right under the video or a photo, so you needn’t guess whether it’s a good one or not. You can either watch the videos online, or download them in 2 formats – avi and wmv. Freedom of choice and convenience – this slogan seems to be a motto for this community, and I definitely like it! And your personal opinion is also costly – rate every video you like with the marks 1 to 5 and see if there are people who think the same along with you, leave your comments to discuss it with other members.

If you need communication to get full satisfaction, visit the forum to discuss the latest vids, to see the news and to state your requests – you won’t be left unheard. And still that’s not all. Nice extra - an invitation to a video-on-demand site – opens new and really wide horizons with more than 26,000 videos!

So, in conclusion the only thing I want to say is that Beach Hunters is one of the greatest archives I’ve ever seen and it definitely will give you everything you crave for. This is a good money investment for your entertainment. If you join the site, you’ll spend countless marvelous hours surfing through this treasury, and I’m sure everybody will find little something for himself here.


Beach Hunters



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