Cuties flashing Review date: 2012-02-27

Cuties flashing

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Review 2012-02-27

Flash! Flash! Flash! Don’t close your eyes or you will miss some pussy flashing! Here am I and Cuties Flashing! As tradition of my reviews, I would start my talk about the niche… I am not that keen on voyeurism, but I never reject from checking out naughty chicks’ pussies and tits! I don’t get much pleasure and visual satisfaction from naughty girls showing their genitals somewhere in the streets or parks… I better prefer to see them fucking or doing something sweet. Just imagine situation that you are going to work and while crossing the street some kind of crazy bitch is showing her pussy to you. LOL, I would die there from laughing and intimate shock. But maybe some of you will use that chance and take her into the bushes to satisfy that wet cunt through intimate activities. However, everything here is about pussy flashing and upskirts.

Proud of every website is their pornstars and gorgeous models. Here you will find bunches of fabulous and delightful chicks. Beauty of featuring naked girls in this world of flashing and the Cuties Flashing domain name really deserve each other! I was amazed to know that the website designed in a poor way can have hot and tempting girls as these flashing models! I can’t see the concepts of design poured into the pages of website, because main page overcrowded with lots of elements and buttons asking to enter members’ zone or join site. Too many screaming colors are getting you destructed from the content presented. However the element I liked here - is changing picture of a large size in a header are, which always brings nude angels forward on your monitor. So just darken your room and be prepared for flashing cuties!

I can’t say whether the main accent is done on nude photos or naked videos, because total number of both is enormous. Don’t try to look for the exact number of photos and videos on the main page, because it’s not there. I tried to count how many photos are there, but it’s fucking complicated because photos are divided into the sets according to the girls’ names. However there are 15 pages in a Photos section, where each page has 20 nude photo sets. Thus approximately you will find about 300 photos sets and each of the photo sets can around 100 high resolution images in it. I think that the total number of images in Photo section is more than several thousand pieces… Lowest number of pictures in one set that I have noticed is about 30, but it was the only one which is below 80 photos per set. But usually it’s above hundred pieces. All the pictures are made in a high resolution!

Allocation of the videos is almost similar to those that are with pictures, but of course it’s not 100 pieces in set. Just trust me; everything that you will find will be enough for getting your pleasure and satisfaction. 5 pages with 12 video sets each are separated according to the ladies’ names. Video sets have parts starting from 1 up to 6. Unfortunately you won’t find any streaming video, thus you are required to download your videos and watch them on your PC. But what the fuck should I do, if there is no fucking space in my PC? However distributed bliss through these motion pictures really deserves some space on your HDD! Clean it fucking up and press all the download buttons.

I don’t have any arguments and negative comments about the videos and photos, as they are shot on a professional level and really depict what does the members are expecting. However the design is bullshit! Forgive me admins and hollowed be thy name! But true is true and I can nothing do with that, except if they will hire professional artist for getting new outlook! Despite horrible design, another minus that pushes you away is no streaming player and favorite videos can’t be re-watched from the page itself. However small elements of usability are giving a great advantage and benefit for the website’s reputation. Different kinds of sorting will allow you to sort down content as you wish to see them, rather than wasting your time till finding browsing through expected content. Another feature that I must mention – is rating function. Each naked photo set and porn video collection have their ratings stated under the thumbnail, giving you chance to choose most famous one among the members.

You would believe or not, but I liked this Cuties Flashing! I liked it because of its exclusive content with young and teenage babes flashing, for little usability features and functions that can benefit your hungry browsing, appropriately allocated content and of course bunch of pleasing bonuses! I haven’t talked to the support yet, but with their FAQ page and message boards, seems like website owners really do care about their member. The only thing I would recommend is updating their page design! Other than that, this site is a great example of checking out young pussies!


Cuties flashing

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