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Review 2012-02-22

Before you will start reading what I will write below, for you not to bother yourself with the question what the fuck Ero Berlin means stands for in a website concept, while most of the chicks are coming from Russia and other countries.

This project was launched in 2009 and at that time it was targeted to bring you charming babes enjoying public nudity on the streets, squares, parks of Berlin. Only German ladies should be included in the beginning, but who the fucking told them that Berlin is occupied with German chicks only? However in the end, owners cleared up their minds into better perspective and started capturing lovely girls of other Nationalities too, who are living in Berlin! But, seems like Ero Berlin went so popular and successful, so they didn’t stacked inside of the Berlin only and expanded their geographical area across the globe. But let’s talk about it later and review this website closer!

I think that it might look quite funny and surprising to see young and beautiful girl standing or sitting totally naked somewhere under the open sky. But it has some visual beauty in doing that because of the artistic body shape and art of public nudity, which I love more than any other categories offered. It knows how to catch my eyes on their website by offering wide range of ideally shaped bitches without any extra or fatty part. Imagine the stock of ideally designed product line?! Russian, Czech, Italian, and other nationality 66 models featuring in HD movies and super-high resolution photos are here to change your imagination about erotic and exotic girls, as they have done with mine! So if you are ready to be transferred into different dimension of beauty and sexuality, then it is the best place for starting your journey!

I don’t know what about you, but usually when I enter the main page of every website, my eyes start running all over the places trying to catch some numbers and to figure out how many movies and photos do these pages have. Since Ero Berlin is still young in a porn industry, it has only 250 exclusive movies, where each of them lasts minimum 5 minutes and maximum around 40 minutes longs. However it is not targeting on a huge number of videos and movies, just for stamping them down and letting you see them, but it mainly focuses in real beauty and mind-stunning sexuality of the delightful ladies! Every video is having HD resolution of 1280x720 pixels and speed of 5mb/s for downloading it in WMV format! Whenever I click on the episode that I liked and transferred to the next page, first thing I do as a being member is checking out availability different formats for my personal downloading. Here I can find that my iPhone can also be pimped with latest HD porn of relative for playback quality and zipped pack of pictures minimum 3500x1200 pixels resolution! Total number of offered photos here is slightly more than 17 000 pictures of JPG format! Ain’t all these enough for you???

Getting all those media shared in a member’s area is not the only part is that webmasters need to worry about, but also organizing them on a main page or subpages followed after. What impression I have got when the main page just opened in front of me? May be the neatness and accurate allocation of videos down across the main page and its subpage is the thing that touched me deep. Trying to recall concept design of Google and Apple, here you won’t find any extra button or eye-raping colors. The whole design is performed in tight- formal black color with main body text posted in a white fonts for clear seeing on a dark background and dark red colors for highlighting headers! Main page is informative enough and has exact number of how many models are starring, what is the total number of photos and videos in its media pool. One more thing that I MUST mention is the snow fall going on the website header! It brings charm of the Christmas Eve and New Year! I would say that it’s really nice job done, though nothing extraordinary is met!

While talking about extra features and services, I would just stay in silence. Neither bonus videos, nor access to other friendly website are offered. Seems, people representing eroberlin.com are thinking that exclusive content is good enough for anyone. Well, tell you the truth with weekly updates and 66 charming and mind-stunning models starring, that is beyond of enough! Hey, you can get the interface in German language too!

Now the time comes for my conclusion, which attract make or drawback some positional fans of Berlin and naked girls. If you ask would I pay 30 bucks for one month access to this website? Definitely Yes! However I might not dare to sign up for the whole year, however who knows, that there are people who are driven crazy from Berlin and its sexy bitches! But, still everything depends on you and it’s your time to make your choice!


Ero Berlin



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