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Review 2012-03-01

What is that pleasure that you enjoy the most? Some people like skiing, others diving, third parties something else… But the fatty-belly dad - Mr. Alexander Fedorov loves taking photos. Don’t think that it’s yet another porn website filled with photos captured by some unknown photographer, because here you will find the art of nudity and sexual passion seen through the still images and some videos captured in HD. Most of the ladies showing off their cunts among the models are posing outdoors, bringing some new drop of charm into the ocean of public nudity! Let’s feel ourselves welcomed at www.FedorovHD.com!

Is there any point of talking about the general number of featured models, their beauty and appearance, sexuality and charm, sensuality expressed through the still and motion media?! Well, though the Mr. Fedorov has a good taste on choosing adorable bitches, let me tell you that he really knows how to transform them into innocent princesses and glamorous queens! Right now he have already chosen his 121 babes and already posted their photos and videos on his website. Every girl that is posing in front of his camera has her some charisma in her angelic face, those whom I would never refuse to fuck! Won’t take put your little pecker into those velvety cunts or newly-blown pussies?! There is no manager nor selector who is advising girls to be selected for him, because he himself spend his time enormously switching from place to another and picking up new models for his future shootings. Without talking too much on the ladies featuring in photos and videos, I can say that he chooses his girls himself and all of them are hand-selected unique models from different parts of Russia!

Now it’s time for photos aka pictures and videos! However this time I want to separate these into different parts of my review, because this website is mainly targeted on still images and I need more place to express my fucking passion about everything seen here! As you might already understand, number of photos posted here is fucking enormous and giant. Be prepared and here it comes!!! At this site you will find 21 359 pictures! Yes, yes, Am ain’t mistaken… It’s exactly more than twenty one thousand pieces! While talking about the overall number for every set, I can’t really define how much is that because there are some closed-up shots for the pussy which contains minimum of 30 photos and for the sets of his naked angels, posing outdoors, the minimum number is above 50. However there are even some sets that have 200+ pieces in each! Resolution of the pictures is according to one standard – 3500x1200 pixels, which gives around 2 megabytes of size for each of them. The good thing about the picture, I haven’t noticed any visible Photoshop corrections. Professionalism of the photographer is already obvious from reviewing any random pictures.

And here comes the time for videos! If you want to know the truth – me, particularly myself, I’m not satisfied with total number of videos I can find here. Yeah, I do understand that the website is about big-belly monster, who is an expert in capturing still images, but I wish I could have more videos… Currently Mr. Fedorov is offering only 49 Exclusive HD videos, which are 1280 pixels wide and 720 pixels high. Those videos are shortly describing the whole process itself, the way how ugly buddy turns his ladies into real angels… All the videos are offered in several formats and available for making downloads.

You guys know that I am not that strict on giving marks for the design, navigation and judging them all, don’t you? As for me, though I might be wrong, he has clear and consistent design, with stable concept of the page, where all the content in located in centralized position. Black background of the website is decorated with small artistic “F” letters, which is the logo of our expert. Main page has only 6 main buttons – Home, Photos, Videos, Models, Sign Up and Models. Have your read or not my review on EroBerlin, but the conceptual model of particular design, color scheme and allocation of the icons and content are pretty similar. Let me tell you, Fedorov HD has a nice design with clear labels and simple navigation! May be I missed, but I can’t see the search bar… Sometime this tool is really useful!

Extra features and bonuses offered by website… Hmm. First of all what is really convenient is having several zip packs of a different sizes for the same photo set. Videos can be downloaded in three main formats with highest quality and the qualities that are more applicable for playback on Apple iPhone or any other similar device. Sign up prices are not too high, I would even say that they are usual, which is 25 bucks for one month subscription. However I haven’t found anything extra or extraordinary that should I state in this part of my review.

This is my favorite part of the whole review! This is conclusion! His Excellency Mr. Big Belly Fedorov really knows how to take pictures. You can even make a gallery from this large number of photos available on the website. If I were you, I wouldn’t think even for a second and run for immediate sign up! How long are you going to sign up is really depends on you and how much time it requires for you to check out everything here. But I would take minimum 2 months subscription! But if Fedorov will increase his number of videos, then I might stay for a longer…


Fedorov HD



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