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My Public Dreams

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Review 2011-12-06

I hate when the people are tied up to their chairs and can’t enjoy anything outside. And of course mypublicdreams.com can support my feelings somehow with its beautiful girls walking around with no cloth. It’s not about that I also want to walk nude in the streets lol, but this can drive me towards getting outdoors and staying closer to real life, than spending my time for virtuality. If you ask whether I would like to fuck outside or not, well, I don’t mind having a blowjob from charming angels presenting in My Public Dreams, but won’t go for anything more. But before you ask what is so special about these bitches walking naked in the streets, let me share everything that I’ve seen already!

Every owner of porn website always strives for delivering content of a best quality. However quality of their content is always dependant on a beauty and skills of models featuring in long-hour movies, short-time videos and high resolution pictures. In my humble opinion girls look quite good compared to regular chicks starring in similar genre of movies. No matter if you like blondies or brunette mommies, you can find all of them. However, while taking a free tour across the website pages, I haven’t mentioned any redhead babe. Here you can find girls not older than 25 years old, who still look green. P.S. for dummies, green is another word for fresh and young. But let’s stop talking about the chicks because we do it all the time and take a look on a website organization, design, navigation, variety content provided there, free shitty things and of course the prices needed to be paid for all that.

Website organization (aka architecture) has nothing different from other websites that you can find in the Internet. Yet, even the website design has nothing to say “Wow” about. If you are some shitty artist thinking about art and creativity, then you won’t find it here, because this is not gallery of porn art or whatever. Just fuck off or enjoy what you are being offered. As I am not that type of freaky people tuned on drawings and talent, I am still here cuz I love watching sexy girls. But, I really don’t care how the website looks likes, as long as I am able to find what I was looking if am fine. However don’t be scared that everything is messed up in here, contrary everything looks neat without any extra elements.

As for navigation, non-registered are getting three regular buttons– Join, Tour, Members. Tour consists of two pages with free samples in total number of eight. Each sample has its short story passed in a text, six big photo thumbnails and sample trailer video that can be streamed with no struggle. However none of the thumbnail picture can be enlarged and besides all that, they are linking to Join page. But who cares about the pics as long as we got videos?! After getting my password to members’ area, I rushed inside without waiting even a minute. Members are treated thousand times better than outsiders. First of all what you have is separated content that can be sorted in accordance with the file - video sets or picture sets, Top rated sets and Favorite sets! After switching from free mode to the member, the difference in offered services and features was huge for me. I think, whatever I have mentioned above is informative enough about the website. Now it’s time to get closer to streaming and downloadable media!

Trying to get a wider range of fans and visitors, My Public Dreams offers two types of media that is still and motion. Movies vary in different sizes and qualities, no matter what device are going to watch that video you will have good choice for streaming or downloading it. The maximum quality videos is represented in HD and for the people that keep mobile – they would love to download videos with less resolution, which are capable for playback on Playsations and other technical crap. Photos of naked sluts having fuck under the open sky or sucking cocks next to the bus stop are given in enormous resolutions captured through professional camera devices and people that can handle those things well. However what I didn’t like about the content stored at this site is its amount. Since reviewing so many websites that include thousands videos and millions of photos, I am fucking not satisfied!

In the sake of attracting more people and keeping existing members, loyalty staffs are usually offered. But actually I can’t find anything given for free, except the Zip file downloads containing picture sets. And the price that I need to pay for this little provided content starts from almost 13 bucks and $29.95 covers one month only. If you would like to sign up, you will have four options that will allow you to subscribe for 3, 30, 90, 180 days. The maximum payment for 180 days and it’s 5 cents less than $100!

I have already reviewed the navigational options, amount and quality of content given in here and other things. To tell you the truth, my soul doesn’t fucking laid on what I have seen. In my opinion signing up for longer time that is more than 3 days has no reason for now. However the latest updates were made few days ago, and maybe later you will have a richer choice. But for now 25 bucks for one month, doesn’t really worth them. But the good thing about what I have liked here is being able to download whatever you paid for. Just get into the My Public Dreams for couple days and see what they got there, may be you will find something that will take a longer time to enjoy, which you can extend then without any problems. So whether to keep your eyes on a naughty babes staying naked in a city streets or getting out of the four wall you are sitting and looking for bitches in a real life is up to you! Just make your choice.


My Public Dreams



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