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Review 2012-05-08

I think that every self-respecting fucker knows about pickup sex, where the stranger chicks are hooked up from the streets and other places due to your sexuality, cleverness and awesomeness! Is there any count on ladies that you’ve got from the first sight and banged on a first date? Pickup Fuck is here to offer you stories with 136 picked up girls! May be some of the sexual adventures shown in here will come true with your real life too. Later after the seduction sessions, all the whores are fucked in various places such as parks, side streets, toilet other public places except being banged on the soft bed. No matter whether you are learner of pick-up art or expert in giving advices on seducing girls, handcraft and unsurpassed skills will be useful for your future pussy hunts!

After making a little research on the chicks featuring on the pages, I would say that all these ladies are regular sexy babes whom we used to see every day all around us. Variety of chicks is big, you will find any type of the pussy, starting from pretty college girls and ending with hot clubbing bitches! Girls in here are from different countries and continents. Famous chicks like Natasha and Zanna are from Russia, while Francesca and Jocelyn are from US! Each of them is young and sexy, thus there should be any individual, whom you might dislike and regret to fuck! Well it’s good when you have dozens of cute ladies on your pages, but it’s similarly vital to present it well in perfect quality and best usability experience. But before I will start talking about content, let me tell you one of the small secrets on how handsome fuckers are picking up their bitches. Everything is simple! Money can help a lot!

Seeing the clear smile and alluring face expression can be fucked up if the quality of photo or video is pretty shitty. Say good bye to all your previous fears of poor-quality movies and warmly welcome bewitching high-resolution videos! I think, I haven’t mentioned yet, but site belongs to WTF Pass, which is the best network with hundreds of amateur and young girls. As it belongs to them, then definitely you should be expecting the best quality of the videos offered in various formats that are supported across many handy mobile and computer devices. Best quality of the video I’ve found in this site has resolution of 720 pixels and rate of 50 frames per second. For downloading that on your PC, you should be having about 1.2 GB allocated space on your hard drive for 37 minute video! I think from this you can assume how the quality of video look likes…

Everything looks in here looks almost the same to other website of WTF Pass. Pickup Fuck has thousands of high-quality photos with captivating whores being banged into their vaginas and anals. All the photos are gathered into single page of each episode of pickup being offered in here. As an example let’s get a closer look to one of the adventures Veronica. Below the differently offered video formats you will the icon of album, which you can download straight away or switch to the page with lots of thumbnails on it through the view button. As you were transferred at photos page, you will see there twenty thumbnails on a single screen and many more pictures across several pages. Some of the pickup stories have about 60 photo shots and others are having around 200. I can’t tell you the exact number of pictures, but it’s definitely about several thousand pieces in total. Nice thing that webmasters haven’t forgotten is slideshow watching function with extensions of switching to the next photo or viewing in original size mode.

It good when you have pickup videos and photos presented neat and nicely, so you will enjoy watching them without feeling yourself frustrated from terrible eye irritating colors. Layout of the design is repeated from other websites of WTF Pass, or maybe website from the same network are repeating this. Well, I don’t give a fuck who is repeating whom, but the only thing I want to say that they look similar! One page of the member zone contains 18 episodes and there are 10 pages. Total I have counted 165 pickup-descriptive sexual adventures with 136 various babes! The right hand side of vertically listed episodes is placed next to the hall of fame with pictures of top 15 sexy girls!

Additional features, bonuses and etc… Just below the header banner you will find 9 websites from WTF Pass network, access to which will be issued for free. There is another page called “Special Offers”, where you will find so called beneficial deals devoted only for site members! Viewing girls in a separate page is also provided! After opening her page, you will be offered to see how she is hot and in what ways she is fucked after the pickup. That’s cool enough, because as Pickup Fuck has 136 bitches fucked, thus it means that 136 free videos are offered for your observation! Perhaps it’s the only website which offers such a great number of freebies! Even after so many things will you refuse it? Don’t lose control over your dirty mind and hurry up to join!

Learning something new will never harm your situation and condition. No matter how professional you are on seducing naughty girls, it got a lot of things to teach you! Don’t waste your time and money for useless things, while you can join your process of getting pleasure and getting knowledge into a single procedure! Do it with this site and learn how to pick up dirty whores from the streets! Use your brain and money, then all the chicks around you will be yours. Don’t you wanna fuck all of them one by one? Pick up your girl and rock the day!


Pickup Fuck



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