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Review 2012-02-28

Again and again! Pissing or peeing, no matter what, I am kinda fucking tired from these streamy pages. But fortunately for me, here we got some nasty bitches willing to tease your eyes with peeing vagina and flashing cunt! When we are talking about my preferences and needs in a sexual matters, I would never reject my eyes from being pleased by stunning hotties and beautiful sweeties! Piss Hunt is offering me such unique chance for satisfying my desires, but all the adorable angels are shown in a pissing poses! Please don’t think that I am feeling weird while looking at these babes. I like all these sluts! Let’s see what type of sexy looking rosebuds we have here that are pissing or peeing!

Who are the Piss Hunts?! Just type Piss Hunt and you will be immediately pleased with bunch of peeing ladies! Perhaps it is of the only voyeur pissing website, which properly chooses its models and accurately sorts its content before uploading it on a website for its members. Here you will find lots of videos captured on a hidden camera, voyeur movies where girls are posing themselves and short clips with cute chicks, who never have a blush on their chicks! Just for your information, all the adventures and honey moments brought to you by this site can colorize your grayish and monotone days! Yes, yes I know! It knows too that you might not believe in all advertised things (who the fuck is advertising them? Me? Come on, no need to bluff…), and thus brings you two full pages filled with their exclusive peeing videos that can be downloaded straightaway on your computer! Check out about 20 free samples provided by the Hunts catching pissing chicks and only after that visit the page with registration! After all that, I’m kinda bit sure, that you fuckers won’t fucking miss site!

How your actual happiness and satisfaction comes to you through the media? Do you like browsing through the several thousands of still images? Perhaps you prefer to feel and percept the motion pictures with nice sound and background music. After targeting a wider area of photography lovers and video fans, site shares its largest voyeur peeing collection of photos and videos. All the pictures have been separated into two categories and placed set by set, which can be simply sorted in accordance softcore or mixed sub-niches, date, name and rating! There are Spycam Photos category and Other Photos. Every photo set from SpyCam Category is has around 35 pictures each, with minimum number 18 and maximum 56 pieces. Different places are captured by the hidden cameras, starting from dark toilet rooms and wide territories of forest lands. In total you will find 19 photo sets for this particular category! Number of the sets in Other Photos category reaches about 263 sets spread through 14 pages! It’s even hard to imagine how many pieces of still image are stored in them if only set from Other Photos categories has around 60 photos each! After a simple mathematical calculation, it has about 15 thousand 800 hundred photos! Amazing!

Now it’s turn of the video part! Similar to the photos page, video section is also sub-categorized into two parts – SpyCam Movies and HD Movies. SpyCam Movies contains 1302 clips total of a various length, which can be simply downloaded to your PC and watched any time you want. But if you want to watch now, unfortunately you can’t stream it… OK, let’s stop talking about the good and bad, and talk about the videos. Second session has attracted me more with the title - HD Movies! Without waiting even a second, I switched from crowded pages with lots of videos captured by the spy cameras to professionally recorded movies. There I found 64 of them! I think that would be good enough for the several months! Here you will find famous Russian chicks that are desperate and professional in peeing, such as redhead foxy Masha, busty blonde Nadya, seductive Lera and others!

When you have so much stunning content and lots of young girls going naked and peeing fresh, then you must have appropriate navigation across the website pages, nice and consistent design elements, and various additional functionalities that will ease carrying out such tough task! One of the first and awesome things I want to mention is the ratings! I love when there videos or photos are rated by the users, so I won’t be wasting my time on something that might be liked by me. Above and below of the area where media content is located, page numbers are listed there which shortens the time in switching to the next page, rather than scrolling up back and choosing Next or numbered page buttons. Personnel cares about it customers well with proper support, little but comprehensive page with frequently asked questions and explanation, media codec and other software that are required for playing videos and many other tiny item and objects, which benefits towards usability! By the way, I almost forgot, sorting in a different ways according to the type of content, date, name and rating makes your selection process shorter and efficient, which really vital!

Do you believe or not, but I didn’t like Piss Hunt that much. Please don’t think that there is something wrong with the website, videos, photos or navigation, it’s just my preference and desires sometimes do not match with wishes of peeing mania fans. However talking from adequate perspective, it is developed on a professional level with great usability and credibility! I forgot to mention that access to 12 another websites adds good credibility to its reputation! And I tell you what, the payment is not damn reasonable for such a great job! If you were looking for some kind of paradise or pleasure-place with peeing bitches, then there is no right place than pisshunt.com!



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