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Review 2012-06-02

What is the best place where you have picked up some slut for giving up your big daddy-cock for trying and sucking? Public Pickups is here to offer you the greatest choice of adorable angles, who are ready to dance with you all night as long as you are paying them some bucks or euros! Here in this world you will find all the daring and brave deeds that you usually wish to embody in the streets while seeing some hottie with appetizing boobies and butt walking in front of you and seducing your stick with her gait! Aren’t we all men are hunter for the fresh pussy and newly seen boobs? Yes, we fucking are! So prepare your money and let’s start our pickup stories!

What is the best about pickup? The best thing that everyone experience while hunting for sluts is being able to fuck all kind of sluts, who are usually are not reachable or acting like untouchable queens. Just imagine some naught world behind your home window, where millions of ladies inhabit and where all of them require some fucking… Choosing your own babe among the thousands and putting your cock in between of her pussy lips is always cool. For your attention and pleasure, here you will find only hot chicks from college, from bars, from the streets, neighborhoods, your ex-classmates, some naughty amateurs, amateur sex-lovers, obsessed blonde sluts, little-bit cranky brunettes, busty clubbers, fellow travelers and many others! However it seems that your world of amateur pickup girls is not that much reach, because I was able to see profile pages of 14 ladies only. I think this website is just taking its start so that’s why so little number of picked up whores.

Oh, my videos! Oh, my fucking videos! As I mentioned earlier about the small age of Public Pickups, please don’t expect thousands or millions of videos hosted on its servers like its competitors are having. However many people agree that the quality matters more than the amount of posted crap. After getting your access to the members zone of pickuped bitches, you will find there only 14 videos which is equal to the number of babes starring in it. But each episode of the video usually contains 5 pieces of video file for download, which are divided into three main categories: Mobile, SD and HD! First category offers video file to be download for your mobile device such as PSP, iPad and iPod, which should support MP4 format. SD and HD categories are differ between each other by the bitrate and resolution of videos available for download. In SD category you will find videos with resolution 320 pixels, 144 pixels and 96 pixels. In HD category you will face videos that are 420 pixels and 720 pixels of screen resolution! All the videos can be downloaded simultaneously, repeatedly, and any time of day or night! We know that 14 videos offered in here are too little, but there is another page called “Bonus Channel”, let me talk about it later! By the way if you are afraid to download big videos where all of them are more than 50 MB, you have your chance to download small pieces of cut videos from Partial Videos section below the main video player of watched episode. Check that out!

Images or so called “photos” of naughty angels can be found in this website also. As I talked to the owners of these gray-background pages, they claimed that availability of videos usually drops away the need of what photos or images, however they care about what their clients get by trying to deliver full set of content in terms of still images and motion pictures (videos). Below every video you will be trying to watch you will see 3 buttons there. One of the buttons that is called “Screen Caps” will offer you several hundreds of screenshots taken from the video of a 720 pixels resolution. Images can be found in thousands!

Design of the website is awesome, I really like it! Usually many websites have terrible design and navigations in their members’ zone, because main attention and funds were paid for the index page. Here in Pickups, I would even say everything is vise-versa. Inner zone is much better and more beautiful than pages offered for outsiders. Nice background, little amount of space taken by header, visible page numbers, big thumbnails in the list of videos, large size of flash player and many more features are really useful! It’s really nice to see all useful information when you have chosen certain video for watching. On the left side from the flash player you will see little board with photo model featuring in the video, name of the video, date of the release, name of the girl, and list of concerned categories. Later below the big flash player and playable video there are “Like” and “Dislike” buttons, statistic about how many likes and dislikes the current video has, stream options such as HTTP or RTMP, quality of streaming video (about 5 choices), button for adding into your list of Favorites and of course button of Trailer for our its members. If you will not be lazy to scrool your page a bit down, there you will fine switchable fields of screen caps, comments left by other users, and partial videos that can be also downloaded. Beneath of all that there is a field for upcoming updates with stated date, short description, name of the girl and categories in which video can be potentially feature in! By the way, updates are done on a weekly basis!

Bonuses! Two types of privileges or so called bonuses can be found in here! There is a bonus channel for you and page with special deals! Bonus channel is divided into three parts: DVD Network, Spunkcontent Reality Network and Reality Network. Each of them offer 14 sites (Amateur, Anal, BBW, Teen, Cum Swapping, Female Dom, Gangabng, Interracial, Latina, Lesbian, Milf, Oral, Mature and Squirt), 6 websites (Spunked Porn Stars, Big boobs, Ass Licking, Porn Sluts Revealed, Jizz Glasses and True 10s) and 10 sites (Big Tits, Double Penetration, Milf, Outdoor sex, Teens, Amateur, Blowjob, Lesbian, Anal and Big cocks) simultaneously! It’s so fucking a lot! Not many websites can offer that much of “side-dishes”! Okay, now we need to switch “Special Deals”! It’s amazing that being one of the pickup members you can have discounted membership of world’s top porn websites or networks, such as 21 Sextury, Brazzers, Bangbros or Reality Kings! Minimum amount of discount is 25% and maximum is 50%! It seems like you visited the porn mall with running-on promotion deals! That’s really a lot!

My verdict on Public Pickups is absolutely positive and it is the website that should always and totally be recommended to everyone! Beautiful concept of the design, dozens of bonuses, high resolution HD videos, sunshine-alike beautiful girls and unforgettable moments! What else do you need to experience yourself as the real pickuper, who gets his bitches from the streets and bangs them in various places, such as stairs, toilets or somewhere behind bushes?!


Public Pickups



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