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Review 2011-10-13

Seeing the site, which I'm going to review, to be honest, I'm overfilled with a big vortex of contradictory emotions. Beforehand I'd like to express a gratitude for the entrusted job. It is very pleasant to know that some people really trust your opinion. But let's move to the website itself and talk about all the kinky stuff that is occurring there all over the place.

When it comes to pictures galleries, then I should admit that they have done a really good job, because pictures' quality is outstanding. With the resolution of 1 600px × 1 067px (vertical pictures) and 1 067px × 1 600px (horizontal pictures) you are able to see all the details and body shapes of those sexy ladies in the picture and even after zooming the quality is still there. Well, video is also good and quite clear over here. Resolution of 1280x720 (720p) gives a good impression, because it's HD format. With a bitrate of >>> you can really enjoy the hardcore action without any disturbing moments that we usually face viewing low-quality videos.

The cast is fine too. Take a look at these girls! They seem to be innocent in the beginning, but then you get a chance to discover their dirty nature. But unfortunately, the fans of babies with huge boobies won't find so many of them there. Of course, there are busty ladies and they look so hot, but it is not a Playboy Mansion. Anyway those sexy chicks look really good and do rock! When it comes to action, they know what to do and perform it in a very exciting way and you can feel that the professionalism is there. They get naked in public places with no visible worries and start pleasing their partners with such a passion that you just see and say: "Wow! O-la-la!" The video duration is also impressive and it is not cut into chunks. So you can enjoy downloading a full version and enjoy from the beginning and till the end. The shooting crew together with organizers has made sure that all the casting girls are above 18 years old and have stated it in the website page. It shows responsibility and again professionalism.

This website has updates >>> and this is not as good as it could be. In addition, the managers of this website could have stated the dates of each update – when it was updated lastly. This would add bonuses for them and would make the users and visitors feel confident that all the content is being constantly updated and refreshed. It would bring an impression that this website goes in step with time. But taking into consideration the fact that videos are quite big adds some plusses. But more frequent updates of videos and pictures would benefit them much more. I'm sure that they will improve this very soon for sure.

The navigation section is quite fine. All the letters can be seen easily and you don't need to spend a lot of time looking for the "Download" button. Each video has a duration indicator and a small prehistory, which catches up your interest and by pressing the "View this adventure" button you can easily move straight forward to see the desired content in details. But, as I said before they could have improved the login window, because it kind of gets lost among all these motley design decorations and bright colors. Moving to the bonuses section, I would like to restate that the overall design of this website is finished with the sense of originality and deserves some bonus marks for choosing this type of subject area for the design. Besides that videos can be downloaded in different formats and sizes, while pictures can be downloaded as 1 archive. Hereby you don't waste your time saving pictures one by one and get them all in one pack.

Summing it all up, I would say that publicsexadventures.com is an average website, which provides a good content and has a fine and original design that is catching up your eyes with its bright colors. But it is lacking in updates section and navigation needs minor improvements in order to be totally comfortable. Overall, I would rank it a perspective website, which is obviously just beginning to conquer hearts and minds of men around the world, but it has a good potential, which can be totally discovered with the help of certain improvements. I'm sure, they will do their best and will get to the top! All the best guys!


Public Sex Adventures

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