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Public Violations

Sex in public
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    11 / 15
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Review 2012-05-07

Damn! From the first sight I identified that here you’ve finally got the best and the hit porn website, where naughty and lusty fuckers are spilling their cumshots all over the places, regardless whether it’s sweet face of coffee drinking stranger-lady or face- protecting hands of innocent female pedestrian. Awesome thing about Public Violations is part of the Porn Pros Network with 3000 girls, over than 25 sites, millions-millions of pictures, and of course thousands-thousands of pictures and photos! Do you like being naughty and making chicks scream? I used to be like that in my high school years… All the teacher hated me :D but fuck them all, I am out of there. Since several public porn websites are reviewed, I started getting myself more into these freaky fuck that is usually held under the blue sky… Well, let’s stop pulling crap and start talking!

How many girls and how many of them are strangers, how many are the models – I couldn’t recognize at all. Because of being attached to Porn Pros Network, which features more than 3000 adorable angels I am not sure how many of them are under this site. But let’s don’t give a fuck about it, because you can get all 3000+ whores from one sign-up! If you wish to pierce your cock into the mouth of busy with shopping lady or some nasty chick, which passed by on high heels, then site will give you a chance of jerking-off! Enjoy your sexual moments violating public peace with your erected cock or running-away whore with facial cumshots! Whatever dirty, nasty and horny fantasy you are having – can be realized!

Let’s get closer to the main part, where your beloved cuties are being rammed and owned! Could imagine that fuckingly amazed face which is having a large cock pointed at it! Aren’t it fucking funny?)) LOL! But this site is not about making fun of the ladies and surprising them, but about all the naughty activities that could be held outdoors. Some are having their bodies spilled with on-the-spot cumshots other are letting their lovers to penetrate thickened peckers into the wet pussies. For seeing all that we definitely need high quality videos and photos. But let’s just touch-up the first mentioned for a now and later talk about pictures and images. If you will get the password into the member area and login into it, your day will immediately be “lighted up” because of the enormous number of content offered in it by the Porn Pros network! The single key will open you doors to 25 websites, 3000 + chicks and of course hundred thousands of high quality exclusive videos! By the way, videos are in HD!

Amount of pictures is also impressive too! However after taking a short research on what is being offered in here, I realized that the most of still images are just screenshots taken from the videos itself, which have small resolutions of 1440x810 pixels. To tell you the truth, but I was expecting something more than what it’s in here… Just let’s skip our talk about images and continue about additional bonuses, design and etc. – for not spoiling the reputation Public Violations.

Definitely when there is much attention is paid for the quality and amount of content, which much of attention is being put on how that content is presented! All the features of usability, navigation controls, eye-pleasing design, conceptual model of page, interface functionality and many other were properly implemented by Porn Pros network that also touched our Public Violations! Clear colors of background and fonts won’t let your eyes to struggle, especially with the design concept of 3 color approach frustration of eyes will not be a problem! But besides design of the pages and colors used, we need to pay our attention to its exclusiveness and relevancy! Yeah, yeah don’t be fucking amazed about the relevancy, as I’ve seen enough websites that positioned itself in one niche and promoting content of another. Prices are quite low enough. However for attracting more customers they haven’t placed a total amount of price in a single sum, but stated it as “0.86 per day – 1month membership” where the surfers can take it like a low price, while the actual price you are going to be charged is almost 26 USD! But actually when we compare those 26 USD against what you will get, it really worth! With 26 USD you will get access to 25 websites with millions of pictures and thousands of photos!

If you will ask me “Will it worth to spend your 26 bucks for a month of access”, I will definitely that “Yes! It does!” Just register yourself, go through the payment and enjoy tons of exclusive and mind-blasting content! Don’t care about the time, because in here you will lose the count of hours and minutes spent among the website pages. That’s really awesome and astonishing to see how some haughty sluts are being owned in the middle of streets and other public places! Just look at their faces! Damn! That needs to be seen!


Public Violations

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