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Teasers VOD

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Review 2012-03-20

Is there any fucker whose eyes and mind can’t be teased? Is there asshole, who thinks that seductively young and busty bitches won’t be able to let the drop of juice come out of his cock from her several sexy poses and winks?! I am here to doubt, that no matter what type of fucker you are, babes will melt you down!

What is Teasers Vod? What is so good about it that everyone around me keeps talking about it? It’s not just another website with numerous girls who keep getting naked in different places, but world of public nudity that offers teasing of people with naked boobs, hips, butts and cunts! I don’t know what about you, but I do like what these chicks are doing! As an example, one of the cunts with brown hairs and charming charisma in her face asked a random pedestrian man to take her nude photos, whose eyes almost climbed on his forehead from what he have seen! Isn’t it awesome being able to seduce anyone you want? If you are one of the heroes who will dare to do resist sexual pressure arising in your panties, let me tell you that here you will find any type of babe that will match any taste of yours

Starting as brilliant-idea project, which concentrates on a narrow niche, site is here to introduce you plenty of adorable angels walking naked out in the streets, slowly with great care pushing their fingers in between of vaginal lips, astonishingly pulling off their bikinis and unrevealing their natural beauties! All the range of European, American and Russian girls of a different skin and hair colors were brought to you. The rich collection of nude and lovely girls is being updated almost every week, so you will always be able to see new faces and sexier shapes! Hot chicks with round boobies are damn hot! You won’t even believe your eyes! Website contraction and organization is good enough tough to navigate and enjoy content of TeasersVod.com with best usability.

As the most important compounding part of any websites’ are photos and videos, site has enough media pieces for you, which can last for several days weeks of non-stop 247 watching. When paysites advertise themselves, saying “Thousands pictures”, I usually never believe, because nobody is going to count the actual number and these fucker speak out any number they want. With Teasers Vod I had to believe what it was stated there, because every babe has enormous number of professionally captured photos. Finding pictures and still images is not a big deal. Click on Pics button, located on the top of page and you will be immediately redirected to a new page, which consists of picture sets. The title of every picture set are relatively interesting and containing the name of model babe, who is participating in shooting. Pictures are not just a collection of bullshit images, continuously taken, but artistically and professionally shot photos!

Videos… Oh, videos… Fucking videos… Motion pictures, movies, videos, short clips or whatever they are – awesomeness and uniqueness is there! High quality motion pictures are perfectly demonstrating the beauty and sexuality of babes starring in them, with every detail depicted in its best quality. Just think about the beauty of gentle and pinky pussy, which slowly squeezes out all the fresh juice and pussy- drops... Is it good if you can’t fucking see what is really happening in a full depths of colors and resolutions?! With several formats and great quality videos, your days of tortures and struggles will be left somewhere behind… Good thing about watching videos – is that all of them were separated according to the babes. Let’s look at Jenifer White as an example, whose page is made as a diary page. After entering into her diary page you will find several video stories provided in multiple formats that last from 10 to 15 minutes each…

Design and creativity of usability elements is on the high level as it’s supposed to be. There is no index page with video stories. When you will visit page with the list of models that is depicted as opened diary books, you will find its left page having picture of the naked angel and right page contains info about her name, total length of videos in her dairy and the date of her dairy release! Another good feature is having a short online preview of all the videos offered there that are combined into a single video clip! There is another page called News on a TeasersVod.com that keeps admins and website moderating family to stay in touch with its visitors.

But the only issue that is currently aroused, its governing people haven’t uploaded any content since 11 November 2011 due to some issues on their website. However both, visitors and owners, are hoping that in the close future everything gonna be OK! However if you can be satisfied with current hundreds of videos and thousands of pictures, then monthly reoccurring the price would be only $29.95, which can be canceled any time. But if you are willing to have an access for one month only, then the price would be $39.95! A lot of words were told; a lot were withheld… Regardless of the number of words let’s conclude everything in here. As for me, this site is awesome! I like the way it brings its content to the users, you can feel their care through the quality of pics and vids. I think 30 bucks is a reasonable price for professionally done things. Just open the first page’s free tour and believe what I am saying! Site really deserves your attention!


Teasers VOD



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