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Wet in Public

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Review 2012-03-30

Summer and spring are always full of rains! Non-stop showers and wet asphalt… Staring from now on, your days will have more moisture and humidity as bitches have started their hunt for unwashed public places! I am not that sure what is good and bad about dirty sluts that keep washing all the places with their pee as I am not a big fan of peeing and similar activities. Everything that you will find in here is connected with public pissing, as sweet girls can’t find proper places for their toilet needs and thus keep streaming through their panties! However some of them don’t even try to hurry into public toilets and allow themselves to piss anywhere they are without being ashamed from people’s eyes and misunderstanding. But that what’s I like in Wet In Public, which doesn’t give fuck about people around and enjoy their own community! No sex, no blowjobs…. Just pissing, wetting, seducing and teasing!

Site generally positions out itself with sexuality and hotness of Russian girls are going wet in public of famous Russian cities and regions! You will ladies of a various age-range, hair color, body shape, charismatic sweetness and charm! Each of them stores some uniqueness and sexuality enclosed into clothes. Some of the ladies are nerdy chicks that are quite shy and quite, while others are horny sluts that are desperate about being in the center of public attention. It is so generous that offers dozens of alluring girls, thus making your choice of satisfaction and visual pleasure much richer! So what else do you need, when whatever you need is there and its brought to you in its best quality and enormous quantity?!

I’ve mentioned about quality and quantity… Believe me, both can satisfy your needs, meet your requirements and bring some pleasure to you. Super-prestigious quality and uncountable quantity will erase all the borders about your maximum limit of best representation and amount that can be shown on a single website. But did anyone asked why the fuck these bastards need this much? Nobody knows, but even nobody rejects the pleasure of having that much… Before I can start talking about exclusive videos of a member zone, let’s take a look on free tour pissing videos presented on the main page. I won’t say that Wet In Public is generous, but even I would mention that these fuckers are greedy! Placing only three short videos as the free sample, they allow downloading only one of them, while millions of other websites are giving chance for 10 or more movie shots handed out with no charge! Since I know that site is quite greedy in terms of freebies, I was damn curious whether these people have any hidden charges in their members’ zone. Just to make everything clear, neither hidden charges were prompted nor miserable number of content was observed! Despite to all my nonsense assumptions, members are having much greater and generous choice! Currently it offers 38 pages with 6 video episodes each. And every episode offers videos of 6 formats and sizes. Thus total you will find 228 videos, which are offered in 1368 files for various methods of playback! Maximum resolution I’ve found here is 1280x720 with the bitrate of 6MB/s, which is offered in DivX v6 format.

Sorry for talking too much about the videos only, while we have thousands of pictures ready for our review. Photos of peeing nude teen and milf ladies can be reached in two ways: whether you will click on photos button of the page’s header or choose any video episode. The header line of every episode tells you the model’s name, length of video and quality of pictures. Number of peeing photos that every episode contains is too versatile. Some of them are about 40 and others are over 150 pieces each. As far as I saw, the only difference between reaching peeing pictures through photos section or opening directly from the episodes is being able to download as the single ZIP file. Other than that – it’s all same! Resolution of pics is high enough too, but quality of the image and colors are quite crappy… Sorry to say, but my eyes have already got used to HD media content! :-P

Design and layout of website looks cool. Designers managed to fit everything into one page. By the term everything I mean: Video of the week section, photo the week section, section for the model of the week, section for latest news and main area which contains the whole content! All the “week” and news sections are aligned from top to down, thus giving much space for the section with episodes. One of the important elements of design that wasn’t forgotten is number of pages on the top and bottom of page, which you can use for navigating among the pages. Why did I mention that? Well, there were certain websites in the short past, who’ve just listed that once on the top or bottom of page, so I needed to scroll all the way up or down for switching to the next page after I’ve checked out all the episodes there.

There are few more futures on this site too. It has is supportive FAQ section, which answers lots of questions and can resolve all the commonly known issues without contacting support team which there also too! Next segment to state is Search! Search page has lots of search attributes to choose from, which will make your choice much accurate and specific. Surprisingly for me, site offers bonuses too! Unlike to its competitors that offer access to dozens of different websites, it offers only its own exclusively recorded videos and nothing more. You will find 11 pages of exclusive episodes with various videos and photos, where girls are going wet in public.

Current paragraph might play a big role on the future of particular website, but regardless of its good or bad coming, I have to be truthful. Girls in here are not that awesome like those chicks that I am used to see. Quality of images is pretty shitty, seems like content makers haven’t reached to evolution from film camera to Digital SLR that also capture images in HD. However, everything in here is in big-enough amount and presented well! As for me, I wouldn’t stay here for a longer than 3 days, but as I am not much into peeing bitches perhaps you would feel different about all this. So, again everything is up to your mood, desires and wishes… Just make your choice to wet or not?!


Wet in Public



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